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In collaboration with worldly renowned scholars and professionals from: University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Environmental Resources Management, Kelley School of Business, and more.


Academic Competitions

Scientist on Computer


We believe in the power of purpose-driven knowledge.

Our goal is much greater than the sum of its parts. Our goal is to foster passion, intellectual curiosity, academic integrity, and core values that transcend the classroom environment, making a difference in the community, local or international. 

Through our academic competitions, we encourage students to develop multidisciplinary interests by engaging in numerous fields of study, formulating ideas in original ways. We encourage students to lead the direction of their own learning, formulating goals, identifying relevant resources, taking initiative, and producing meaningful outcomes. 

We believe in the power of diversity in promoting knowledge. We encourage students around the world to join our community united by a passion for learning. We encourage students to engage meaningfully and respectfully with individuals from different backgrounds and across a multicultural society, learning to demonstrate curiosity, flexibility, adaptability, and tolerance.

We encourage the future generation to serve the greater good through purpose-driven knowledge.



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